Adrienne + Nikki – Boojum Tree Wedding

The Boojum Tree has this amazing rustic feel to the decor that makes it seem like you’re in another place- not Arizona. I loved meeting Adrienne and Nikki for their wedding ceremony on 12/12/14. A picture perfect evening celebrating their wedding with the son, officiant, and two witnesses (I was one). Their son was the ring bearer in his adorable gray suit.


How they met: Nikki and I went to a latchkey after-school program in Kindergarten together. We were raised in the same northern Michigan town and befriended each other in high school. Playing basketball on the same team is where our friendship first started and over the years, it was undeniably something more. After distance, time, and different paths were unable to separate us, Arizona became our home. Life without her is incomplete.


How they proposed: Last winter a few days before Christmas, we planned to take a hike one Saturday morning. I woke up to Nikki making my all-time favorite breakfast and bringing me coffee in bed (I knew something was up then!). We ventured into the cool foggy morning, and I stopped to take a ton of pictures along the way. Nik was very patient. When we finally reached the top of the mountain, the sun was starting to rise. I was taking a shot to the north and when I turned around, Nikki was down on one knee, gorgeous diamond ring in hand. I said yes (of course!), and she took me in her arms. The sun broke through the clouds as we reveled in the moment.


Why they eloped: Our families are both still in Michigan. We have been engaged for a while, and after the law on same-sex marriage passed in AZ, we no longer had to plan a destination wedding and could make it happen much sooner. Budget was also a consideration and we really wanted to keep the focus on us as a couple and the unification of our family. Eloping was a great way for us to do that.

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They are planning to have their honeymoon up in ski country Colorado after Christmas. Plus, they have some rocking skiing and hot springs to enjoy. Pretty great welcoming in the New Year with your spouse and they live by me so I get to see these happy people more often.


First Dance Song: All I’m Thinking Of, Tyrone Wells


If you know Adrienne & Nikki, please leave a sweet message to congratulate their day.


Venue: Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens, Tasha Work | Adrienne’s Dress and shoes: David’s Bridal, Antonio Melani |Nikki’s Outfit: JC Penneys & Macy’s | Flowers: Phoenix Flower Shop | Rings: Helzberg Diamonds

15 responses to “Adrienne + Nikki – Boojum Tree Wedding

  1. Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful ceremony and venue. Enjoy ringing in the New Year as a married couple!

  2. Adrienne, you are the most beauiful and happy I think I’ve ever seen you. It’s such a beautiful moment. I couldn’t be happier for the both of you and what an amazing opportunity. Love you two. – Pose (ps. at least let a girl send you a bottle of bubbles for the ski trip!) 🙂

  3. Congratulations Adrienne and Nikki, you two are gorgeous! Beautiful smiles and radiant happiness. Best wishes, Barb & Jack

    1. Congratulations to Adrienne and Nikki! Such a beautiful wedding! Love the pictures, and even though they eloped, these pictures makes me feel like I was apart of it. You can see the love these to share for each other, and family has always been the center of these two commitment. Nolan is the most handsome ring boy I’ve seen. Adrienne your dress is gorgeous and you look stunning. Nikki you look great in your outfit, great choice in color. Y’all are perfect for each other! Best wishes! -Dianne>

  4. Now I feel like I was there! Wonderful photos, romantic setting, adorable ring-bearer, and totally contented couple. Your happiness shines!

  5. Where to begin to express the joy and heartfelt awe I am in of you two. I truly hope this day was one to remember, but one to be reminded as the foundation for a new chapter in all your lives. Much love!

  6. Adrienne & Nikki I can’t even tell you how beautiful these pictures are! So happy for the 3 of you! Nolan looked so proud♡

  7. Congrats! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. ❤️ We’ll have to have another party to celebrate next time you’re back in Michigan!

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