Amanda + Marcus – Carefree Resort Wedding

This was a perfect Winter Wedding for Amanda and Marcus at the Carefree Resort. They celebrated their union with their closest friends, family and their six children. Everyone was thrilled to see these two join together and welcome a big new family. Their ceremony backdrop was in front of the mountains and inside the rose garden at the Carefree Resort. The aisle was adorned with white chavari chairs, black and white flower petals, and bunches of white balloons for the post ceremony release. The bridal party included their six children: four junior bridesmaids and two ring bearers. They had a sand ceremony that incorporated all their children to signify the blending of two great families.

Amanda dressed in her white sweetheart neckline gown with jeweled blackbelt and matching jewelry. Her mother Mona walked her down the aisle to Marcus as they exchanged vows. Amanda looked stunning and you could just tell this was a perfect day they had planned.

Scroll down below to see more of this beautiful wedding day:

Carefree Resort Wedding_0001 Carefree Resort Wedding_0002 Carefree Resort Wedding_0003 Carefree Resort Wedding_0004 Carefree Resort Wedding_0005

Carefree Resort Wedding_0006

I love those candid moments during the ceremony when everyone is giggling.

Carefree Resort Wedding_0007 Carefree Resort Wedding_0008 Carefree Resort Wedding_0009 Carefree Resort Wedding_0010 Carefree Resort Wedding_0011 Carefree Resort Wedding_0012 Carefree Resort Wedding_0013 Carefree Resort Wedding_0014 Carefree Resort Wedding_0015 Carefree Resort Wedding_0016 Carefree Resort Wedding_0017 Carefree Resort Wedding_0018 Carefree Resort Wedding_0019 Carefree Resort Wedding_0020 Carefree Resort Wedding_0021 Carefree Resort Wedding_0022


Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!

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