Ochoa Family Portraits – Phoenix Maternity

Those amazing moments you can’t wait to remember when they pass, your Maternity Photos. There is so much to remember when you’re having a baby. The best thing to remember is how you carried this beautiful human growing in your belly. A pure joy flows over your face and your partner. Lani and Alain are ready for parenthood. We celebrated their engagement, wedding and now a new baby is on the way. When you’re in their presence you can feel the amount of love with these two. We took sweet advantage of the Arizona weather with some Maternity photos in downtown Phoenix. Bringing along their triple outfit changes was super easy. That hour flew by and I can’t wait for them to come back to Arizona or maybe I’ll head up to Colorado sometime for a visit.


Bring on Baby Girl Ochoa! 2017 is going to be amazing for The Ochoa’s!


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