Stephanie + Jeremy – Boojum Tree Hidden Garden

They met in high school and he asked her for forever as the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve 2013 for the coming year. Such amazing chemistry to bring them together for a beautiful morning wedding at Boojum Tree Hidden Garden. Stephanie and Jeremy were surrounded by close friends and family. I met Stephanie at the venue a few months ago and loved all the details she had in mind. Mint was the color she adorned her day. She wore a shawl her late grandmother passed down to her which was very meaningful.

There’s something pretty amazing for a morning wedding at Boojum Tree. The colors pop from all sides of the venue, the fountains bubbling, and tree canopy. I love how their ceremony glowed from the backlighting and then continued into their brunch reception. They welcomed sweet memories over toasts from the bridal party, cut cake decorated with cascade of butterflies, first dances, and then bouquet/garter toss. An intimate ceremony with a classic sweet brunch for their close guests.

Check out more details from their perfect day:

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I’m excited to hear about their amazing cruise they will be taking. Here are some tips from Stephanie:

Words of Wisdom:

1. Biggest Challenge & How to overcome it: Lots of money issues but we stuck by one another

2. Any money savvy tips to share: Doing a morning ceremony wedding.

3. What words of wisdom can you impart on future brides & grooms?: No matter what happens, what you go through, will end up staying together.

Thank you to my amazing vendor team!

Venue: Boojum Tree Hidden Garden, Tasha Work | Makeup/Hair: Ann Hughes | Florist: Jodi’s Flowers DJ: Valley Mix Entertainment | Officiant: Matt Nathanson | Rings: Kay Jewelers