Ashley + Joe – Tre Bella Wedding

High School Sweethearts are the way to this love story. Joe and Ashley have known each other since the end of their sophomore year in high school. The two had a few mutual friends together but never really had a friendship until they began to sit next to each other on the bus.  They discovered they lived only a block away from one another. Initially, the two didn’t see eye to eye and many times argued as an old couple on their way home from school. Eventually, Ashley cut to the chase to ask Joe to “be her Valentine”. On the 24th of July, after a lovely dinner at the Paris Restaurant overlooking the strip and the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, Joe took Ashley to the observatory at the top of the tower. He gifted her a memorabilia book of their relationship, in which she read on the spot (albeit, pausing to watch the bellagio fountain show below!). She loved the book, but did not expect him to tell her the following string of words: “I have something to ask you” and after Joe asked her to marry him, she said yes!

Surrounded by their close friends and family, they celebrated their wedding day at Tre Bella in Mesa, Arizona. The weather was cool and airy for a March wedding. A beautiful wedding of navy, blush and gold surrounded their wedding color palette. She wore an Allure lace gown with an embellished belt that hung on a custom named hanger prior. She carried a bouquet of mixed pink, green and ivory florals. Her bridesmaids wore floor length blush gowns that varied style for each of her three bridesmaids. Presenting each father and mother with personalized gifts was very important. Ashley carefully wrote a sweet note to her mom and her mom to be. Along with engraved cufflinks for Joe’s father.  Walking into the ceremony guests were greeted with photos hung on the entry area walls, a remembrance table, and three floral arrangements at the altar. The ceremony area had gold chivari chairs, floral arrangements on each side of the walkway, twinkle light backdrop, and skylights that let in gentle light from outside.

Ashley was escorted by her father and joined by Joe at the altar. Celebrating their vows together by their officiant Renita also Joe’s great Aunt with a sweet announcement of Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales. As the couple walked into their reception room, the pink uprights, navy linen draped tables, tall floral centerpieces, white chair ties, and gold chivari chairs. The head table welcomed all their wedding party with a twinkle lit backdrop that mirrored the ceremony site. The three tier wedding cake was a ruffled type frosting on bottom and gradual smooth frosting accented with flowers. Their fathers spoke great words of love during their speeches, first dances were sweet, garter and bouquet toss were action packed. They decided to celebrate the end of the evening with a mid dance floor confetti toss. Check out their amazing day below.

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Words of Wisdom:

What words of wisdom can you impart on future couples?

A perfect love isn’t born from perfect people. It’s the mistakes, the overcomings, and the hardships that make for a strong couple. If you and your love can withstand the hardships that will inevitably come your way, It will make the easier times so much more sweeter.

In the end, even if he steals the covers and doesn’t put the lid back on the toothpaste or she steals your food and won’t share hers and leaves hair all over the sink… if that person is still the same person you want to go to sleep with every night and wake up next to every morning, nothing else matters.

What were some special songs? 

Recessional (walking down aisle with groom): instrumental of “Arms” by Christina Perry

Grand Entrance: “Smile by Uncle Kracker”

First Dance:“Everything” Michael Buble

Father/Daughter:“My Little Girl” Tim McGraw

Mother/Son: “Swing on a Star” Frank Sinatra

Venue: Tre Bella | Music: DJ Mike | Floral: Blume Events | Cake: Piece of Cake | Rings: Osborn Jewelers, Family heirloom (hers) | Makeup: Jamie Kouri | Hair: Ashley Horn | Gown: Allure from Strut | Bridesmaid: