Beth & Paul Wedding – Tre Bella

Celebrating a great wedding wedding in Arizona during the fall is the reason that so many people move here. Beth and Paul were married at Tre Bella Weddings in Mesa, Arizona. I love how this indoor venue has so many options and the decor is so modern. All the details from the name hanger to their custom bands.

The ceremony was held in the Bianca room of the venue. They chose a lanterns and wooden decor to give a more intimate vibe. They also chose to wait to see each other until the wedding ceremony. I loved his reaction as she walked down the aisle. Her dad and husband shook hands and you could see Beth’s smile glowing.

They had a blessing during the wedding and then exchanged vows before all their guests. Their son brought up their rings and they sealed their wedding with a kiss. I love that they stopped at the end to share a final smooch.

For the reception, DJ Mike kept the party going and all the guests were dancing up a storm. You could tell some favorite tunes by the large crowd on the floor. They had their garter and bouquet toss which led to the cake cutting. That seems to be a crowd favorite when the couple gets to either smoosh or feed their spouse. I’m a fan of the gentle way with cake. Check out their day below.