Brittany + Doni – Tre Bella Wedding

Surrounding yourself with great family and friends keeps those relationships strong. As Brittany’s brother walked her down the aisle, I could see Doni’s face light up. Maybe it was the countless hours spent planning their unforgettable day making sure all the details were in order. Or, maybe it was the aisle way of gorgeous candles seeing the perfect mood. Brittany was radiant as she walked down the aisle. Smiling and noticing her husband was waiting for her. Such a surreal moment captured while in the Bianca Room at Tre Bella.  Through mutual friends is where their story began. Brittany and Doni’s met in 2011 at the University of Arizona at a party that Doni was hosting for friends. They spent hours talking the first night and the rest is history. Doni proposed with a nervous excitement after he picked her up from work and couldn’t wait to propose so he got down on one knee in the parking lot. Then, when they arrived at home she found flowers and candles covering the room. A dream come true for proposals.

As her Kenneth Winston gown hung effortlessly on the hook. Brittany and her bridesmaids made finishing preparations before the ceremony started. Brittany decided to save the first look in her dress so her family and bridesmaids could share the moment with her. Pure joy and love passing from hugs and laughter. This day was really happening and it was exactly how they pictured it. Amazing.

They became husband and wife. Marking this day of thankfulness in Arizona for great indoor wedding venues. Making their grand introductions in the reception of white crystal chandeliers, tall lush blooms held up with riser vases, sparkly silver sequin tablecloths, white draping curtains and a cool modern lounge area. The evening happened with great speeches from the littlest of guests including their daughter and other children of the bridal party. There was too much great dancing. I don’t think you can imagine how high their guest jump to grab the bouquet or how sweet the cake tasted. Everyone made their way to the dance floor for tons of great music that kept everyone dancing. The children brought out dance moves that I don’t think the adults knew were possible. Too fun and lots of laughs. The way that Brittany and Doni can expect the best wedding day to happen.

Check out more from their fabulous day.

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An amazing day for sure. I’m so blessed to meet such a great couple and their family, friends. I can’t wait to hear about their cruise to the Caribbean next summer when things settle down for the newlyweds. The holidays are coming up and it’s such a great way to celebrate knowing you did it, you got married. I wish them many years of wedded bliss.

Words of Wisdom:
1.      What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? 
Communication was the biggest factor we had to overcome because when we met we were still young and immature so we had to learn to work together as a team.
2.      Do you have any savvy money saving tips to share?
Every month or paycheck have money automatically go into a savings account. That way you won’t know that its there and the savings will increase.
3.      What words of wisdom can you impart on future couples?
 Work together as a team and understand that everyone has flaws but you married one another for a reason and you can get through it.
Wedding Songs:
1.      Recessional (walking down aisle with groom): At Last, Etta James
2.      Grand Entrance: Let’s Get Married, Jagged Edge
3.      Mother/Son: Candy, Cameo

Thanks to the amazing vendor team!

Venue, Coordination, Design: Tre Bella, Kim | Florist: Blume Events | Cake: Piece of Cake | Invitations: Instaprint | Officiant: Keith Rogers, Sr.