Focus – Heidi’s Events & Catering Friendor

Working with great vendors – whom I like to call Friendors are who you want to know. There are so many companies out there but the truth is the vendors for your wedding or event better have a great name behind them. I met Jillian last year while at an Open House for Boojum Tree and quickly realized why she has been there for 9 years. Her easy-going personality and attention to customer service is evident with every client.If you haven’t heard about Heidi’s Events and Catering, check out a little bit more about this great vendor. In my college years, I even worked there and loved their strawberry salad that still sticks in my memory from many years ago.  Check out more on Heidi’s Events and Catering

Here are some great tips from Jillian:

1. Will you be the main contact for planning my wedding and event catering?

I can be! When you decide to book with Heidi’s Events and Catering your planner and main point of contact is the person that you meet with at your original consultation. When you meet with me, I will take great care of you. I absolutely love meeting with Brides and Grooms and working with them from the beginning to make their planning process just as perfect as their special day!

2. Do you specialize in any certain types of food or service?

At Heidi’s Events and Catering we specialize in Global Cuisine…we have several different tastes to fit your particular palate. American Bistro, Italian, Southwestern, Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian, Tropical and BBQ.  All of our menus can be planned buffet style, family style, plated or stations to fit the atmosphere of your big day!

3. Is a catering license important and why?

Yes. Having a catering license ensures that the food is being prepared in a clean commercial kitchen, the Chefs preparing the food are certified with the Maricopa County Health Department and that the company is following all health department guidelines.  We proudly display our ‘A’ rating from the Maricopa County Health Department in our showroom.

4. Where is the food prepared? Will there need to be a facility to provide food to guests?

The food is cooked in our commercial kitchen (required by the health department), however we do prep and assemble on site to ensure fresh quality product at your event.

5. Are tastings included?

We hold complimentary group tastings monthly.  They are so much fun! Chef always prepares a large variety of entrees, salads, hors d’ouevres, sides and desserts to taste.  We greet you with a beverage…it is truly a fun night out! We do also offer private tastings at a charge if you prefer to taste specific items.

Yum, Yum, Yum. I need to have a big party just to try all the great food. I think a Southwestern/Mediterranean menu works, right? Ha. Well, check them out if you’re still planning your event. Check out more of my Friendors here.