Jillian + Charlie – Boojum Tree Engagement

Such a great way to spend your evening photographing great friends. Jillian and Charlie tie the knot next June 2016 in Sedona and I can’t wait. Cooler weather for sure. They decided to do their engagement photos at Boojum Tree Hidden Garden because of the amazing backdrop. Lots of amazing trees, scenery and a great old truck that gives a romantic vibe.

They met a few years back through work and then Charlie popped the question this year. You could just see Jillian beaming with happiness. He brings out the goofy, witty jokes that make you laugh. A complete match for Jillian who has the beautiful qualities that every guy loves- pretty and smart. I met Jillian through her work while at Heidi’s Catering where she handles the sales of their events and weddings.

I’m so excited for these two to become Mr. and Mrs. Zeeb. Such a cool name and even better friends. Check them out below.

boojum_tree_engagement_0001 boojum_tree_engagement_0002 boojum_tree_engagement_0003 boojum_tree_engagement_0004 boojum_tree_engagement_0005 boojum_tree_engagement_0006 boojum_tree_engagement_0007 boojum_tree_engagement_0008 boojum_tree_engagement_0009 boojum_tree_engagement_0010

Thanks for my vendor team that always keeps my sessions amazing!

Venue: Boojum Tree Hidden Garden | Hair/Makeup: Focal Point Salon, Kaylee

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