Nicole + Alex – Boojum Tree Wedding

Simply perfect day for Nicole and Alex. I love that when I arrived at Boojum Tree Hidden Garden it was a crisp cool morning and ready for beautiful shades throughout the garden. Both families joined them for a small ceremony by the fountain. Nicole got ready in the bridal suite with a strapless white gown from David’s Bridal. She wore borrowed jewelry from each of the women in her family… pearl drop earrings (Nana), tennis bracelet (mom), gold bracelet (Alex’s mom), and an aquamarine ring, also a “something blue” (Grandma). There were 3 generations of women and I love that we captured that moment below. Alex wore a suit and a cool matching hat that brought out coolness that guys love on their important days. Plus they had some great DIY florals, personalized wedding plaque and digitally creative wedding vows.

How they met: In our first semester of pharmacy school at the University of Arizona during orientation week. Our first date wasn’t until a couple of months later where Alex took me on a sunset quad ride through the desert and made me pad thai for dinner (he’s a great cook!) and the rest was history! We were so lucky to find eachother!

How did he propose?: Alex and I have a love for the outdoors, so we went to Flagstaff over Labor Day weekend to go camping and hiking. Alex surprised me on Mt. Humphrey’s peak with a proposal, and planned for my parents to meet us at the base of the mountain. I was so surprised when I saw my sister come around the corner on the trail to greet me! It was the perfect day.

Details about the Ceremony: We wanted a simple wedding with our closest family in the form of an elopement style wedding. We invited our parents, sisters, and my nana and tata for a total of ten guests. It was intimate and perfect and the Boojum Tree provided a beautiful backdrop. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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Their honeymoon will be a relaxing time in a creekside cabin in Sedona with lots of hiking, sightseeing and cuddling by the fireplace says Nicole. I’m sure they need lots of time to relax after lots of studying and wedding planning.

Couples Words of Wisdom:

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Our biggest challenge has been going through a rigorous pharmacy program together at the University of Arizona.  It’s a challenge we constantly work to overcome and stress runs high in our house due to our busy schedules.  What works best for us is taking a step back and recognizing that we’re in this together and that we’re a team.  In addition, no matter how busy we are, we try to take time out of every day to do something together outside of studying like making dinner together or going for a walk or playing a game.  Taking a little bit of time out of our day to appreciate each other and de-stress is key.

Do you have any savvy money saving tips to share?

When possible, we use reusable items like reusable plastic bags and shopping bags and also try to use paper products as little as possible. We also make meals ahead of time on the weekends so we can pack our lunch during the week—we don’t eat out much.

What words of wisdom can you impart on future brides and grooms?

Remember that when planning your big day, you’re planning a marriage.  The wedding is just one day of the rest of your happy lives together, so don’t sweat the small stuff and do what makes you happy!


Wedding Day Songs:

  1. Recessional (walking down aisle with groom):  Africa by Toto
  2. First Dance:  Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

If you know Nicole and Alex, please leave a sweet comment below to congratulate them on their day.

Thank you to Boojum Tree for hosting this day and Tasha for officiating!


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  1. I found myself grinning reliving the day! Such a wonderful couple and the most beautiful bride! I’m so happy for both of you! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Love Dad & Mom

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