Photos You Can Display


This Mother’s Day was filled with lots of celebration. I was greeted by my two daughters with breakfast in bed and cute gifts. They are toddlers so you just imagine their excitement when donuts were part of breakfast. Then I opened my gifts, one gift is one that I love to share because it included¬†– iPhone photos. I take so many on my phone like many of you that doesn’t have time to grab anything else around to capture the moment.

I recently found the Polaroid Fotobar store in Las Vegas and this is the newest thing that combines photos and USB drives. It’s like Pinterest for photo junkies.¬†You bring your favorite photos on your iPhone or USB drive to make a display of Polaroid sized photos. Customize a message on the bottom of the picture and use magnets to attach to the board. You can change them out as often as you want and with my family it will probably be often.

I’m in love. This should help you with the 1000’s of photos you have stored in the Cloud and on your phone. They have an online portal that you can order photos even if you can’t make it to Vegas.