Samantha + Beau – Desert Botanical Gardens

Beautiful Engagement Session with Samantha and Beau at the Desert Botanical Gardens. You can’t go wrong with this location with tons of locations of greenery, Arizona cactus, and creative architecture you can’t find anywhere else. We set out together last week to check out this location for some fun photos for their wedding day reception hosted at SOHO63 in Chandler. Their big day is coming up March 2015.

I loved how they used the backdrop so perfectly and added some wine decor too. They look amazing together and this winter day was actually pretty sunny. You can just tell by their sweet demeanor together that there won’t be a dry eye on their wedding day.

Check out more of their engagement session below and leave a sweet comment for them.


Desert-Botanical-Engagement_01 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_02 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_03 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_04 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_05 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_06 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_07 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_08 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_09 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_10 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_11 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_12 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_13 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_15 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_16 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_17 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_18 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_19 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_20 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_21 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_22 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_23 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_24 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_25 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_26 Desert-Botanical-Engagement_27



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