Sara + Ollie – Desert Botanical Gardens

Great love stories are those that grow in time. For Sara and Ollie, she loved him at first sight in a high school class her sister shared with him. They learned to love each other as the foundation in their early years and on their beautiful wedding day, they made that commitment as husband and wife. The beauty of Sara glowing in her eyes when I walked in the room of her parents house was unsurpassed. She even spoke how quick the day was unfolding. With her sisters and mother present, they helped her dress for the day and shared some photos in their garden. She wore a sweetheart neckline gown, pretty flats, bracelet, garters (one Ollie caught at another wedding), and jeweled earrings. Arriving at Christ Church, the ceremony was romantic and breathtaking in beauty. As Ollie joined Sara at the altar, their pastor tied a ribbon, they enjoyed a thoughtfully spoken mass including readings from their bridal party.

They hopped onto their stretch limo with their bridal party to the reception at the Desert Botanical Gardens. The DBG has amazing views of Arizona cactus features and beautiful light shining down as the sun was setting. Capturing their new love as newlyweds, we strolled through the gardens as they playfully did their bridal portraits. Then they had their grand entrance which quickly lead into their first dance. Up above their heads in the circular outside reception area were hanging star lights. a fitting setting that was surrounded by the desert gardens. Guests gathered succulence escort cards and found their way to tables named in locations the couple had shared time together at. The best man and both maid/maidens of honor gave their speeches of great childhood memories of each and they fondest memories together. Next was a conga line, parent dances, the newlywed game and lots of great dancing to close out the evening.

Scroll below to see their love story wedding day unfold.

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Thanks to my amazing vendor team!

Ceremony Location: Church Christ of the Ascension, Mother Beth Blunt | Venue: Desert Botanical Garden | Catering: Creations in Cuisine | Bridal Dresses: Bill Levkoff | Gown: David’s Bridal Collection | Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Rings: Shane Co. | Music: SKM Entertainment | Makeup/Hair: Focal Point Salon | Limo: Mirage Limo | Cake: Lisa’s Rum Cake | Invitations: Minted | Floral Bouquets/Centerpieces: DIY | Church Flowers: Barbie Moody