Shannon + Tony – Desert Engagement

This is going to be an amazing photoshoot is what I’m thinking as I drive up to meet Shannon and Tony. I’ve only had a few emails with Shannon and I already feel like I know her. They decided to do their engagement photos in the desert and Arizona really is a great place for sunsets and weddings. It was only a natural place to hang out with the cactus and steer clear of the wildlife. Shannon brought tons of props and Hobby Lobby is like a girls dream come true. The creativity for this girl is going to be circling around in pure joy. I’m so excited for their wedding April 2015.

Haven’t seen a desert engagement session? Well you have haven’t had one hour of pure fun before the sun sets in Arizona.


desert_engagement_photos_0001 desert_engagement_photos_0002 desert_engagement_photos_0003 desert_engagement_photos_0004 desert_engagement_photos_0005 desert_engagement_photos_0006 desert_engagement_photos_0007 desert_engagement_photos_0008