T + D – Ancala Country Club

From the moment that he laid eyes on her when she walked around the corner, he was in awe. The couple had their first look together in private before their big ceremony of friends and family. Those moments when he saw her I could tell he choked up with incredible emotion knowing that she had chosen him. He spun her around and she smiled the way you do when it’s your wedding. Your cheeks find it hard to stay calm because your smile is so big. I loved that he was adoring her and they pulled off their photos with such ease.

The bride and her sisters dressed at her family’s home which proved to have a dreamy type window that the sun shined through. Every tiny minute passed so quickly as they dressed and headed into the limo towards Ancala Country Club. Dan and his family waited patiently inside on this particularly warmer day in October. Standing outside capturing his portraits again the red stucco walls and cactus front doorways was easy. She was tucked away downstairs waiting for the ceremony to begin as all the guests arrived. The ceremony was held on the greens with rose petals strewn down the aisle held in tact with a ribbon tied at the entry way. Pillars of floral and a sweet anniversary wine box to be opened on their one year anniversary set the scene.

Gorgeous desert sunset along the backdrop of the greens was the fun part of family photos. The bridal party stuck around for a little while longer while the guests started the party in cocktail hour. Grabbing their escort cards and marking their names with ‘leafs’ on the couples canvas tree they walked inside the ballroom. Tall and short floral arrangements adorned with hanging jewels greeted you as entering the ballroom. Cute plants of succulence were gifts on the guests seats as favors. Their wedding cake was a beautiful three tier cake with alternating sides of pink and white flowers.

As the guests welcomed the newly married couple, they quickly joined into their first dance, dinner, toasts and more dancing. Check out below to see their amazing day.

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Thanks to my amazing vendor team!

Venue: Ancala Country Club | DJ: Ray the DJ | Floral: Everafter Florals | Officiant: Rev Randy Williams