Tammy + Joie – Tre Bella Wedding

Smiling as he walked up during their first look I could tell this was a perfect match. As they got ready to share their few moments of alone time on their wedding day, I gushed with happiness when Joie turned to see his bride, Tammy. He was in absolute shock of his beaming bride. I don’t think he knew the power you experience on your wedding day when you realize you’re marrying the one.

Tammy and  her best friend, Taryn, were meeting up with some friends.  Those friends invited some of their other friends as well.  Who would have known that Joie would be in that group? The time after that was spent with Tammy and Joie always running into each other at different places because their groups of friends had intertwined.  From there on out, their journey began.

We went ring shopping and found the perfect engagement ring.  Though the question was never officially asked, we knew they were destined to be with one another.  Months went by and Joie still hadn’t popped the question. Every time they would go somewhere romantic, I would think, “This is it!  This HAS to be it!  He’s going to finally ask!”  But, no… he did not.  This went on for quite a while until I thought I was going to completely lose my mind.  I decided to stop thinking about it altogether.  Then, one weekend, we out on the Saguaro Lake for a cruise on the Desert Belle.  Joie knew that I loved being around water and it had a calming effect.  For a split second, I thought, “Maybe now he’ll ask.  Maybe that’s why he brought me out here.”  When the boat started to loop back, he reached slowly into his pocket and discreetly told me how he felt about spending the rest of his life with me.  He then asked if I would marry him and I said yes.

Their wedding at Tre Bella was beautiful. The accent lighting for the ceremony was purple, black lanterns, vibrant red rose petals lining the aisle, and red bows on the chairs.  The backdrop for the ceremony consists of white floating shelves, a white tree with white lighting, and floating candles in clear cylindrical vases. Tammy wore a Cinderella white ballgown dress, silver and crystal flower necklace with matching earrings, champagne colored sandals, and matching baby blue lace floral garters. Joie wore a black tuxedo, purple vest and tie, and black Jordan Illusion shoes.

The reception centerpieces included two short and one tall, clear, cylindrical vases with a silver accent on top and floating candles.  The tall vase has a single red submerged rose.  There were handmade sandalwood fans, lip balm, and a purple origami lily(made by the couple) on each plate.   They created a seating chart with table numbers,  personalized silver pyramid shaped boxes with purple and red Sixlets, along with chocolate coins inside each box. Their evening included lots of laughs, great best man speech (put your hand over hers – last time you’ll have upper hand) that was hilarious, garter removal by Joie in tons of tulle, kisses, twirling and lots of magic.

See how their day unfolded below.

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They are off to Kauai, Hawaii for their relaxing honeymoon. I hope they enjoyed every minute and celebrate their new status as newlyweds. Congrats Tammy & Joie!

Words of Wisdom:
1.      What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
Finding a venue was the biggest challenge.  We wanted one that we both really liked on the inside and outside.  Many of them looked great online, but weren’t very flattering in person.  We overcame it by luck, actually.  I was surfing the web for something wedding related and Tre Bella came up, so I clicked on the link, we set up and appointment to see it, and we loved it.
2.      Do you have any savvy money saving tips to share?
Don’t go out to eat so often.  Save going out to eat for special occasions.  I don’t think any of us realize just how much we spend on restaurants and fast food.
3.      What words of wisdom can you impart on future couples?
Relax. It’ll all be okay.
Wedding Day Songs:
1.      Recessional (walking down aisle with groom): I Feel So Close to You Right Now – Calvin Harris
2.      Grand Entrance: Sugar- Maroon 5
3.      First Dance: All of me- John Legend
4.      Cake Cutting: Still Alive- Glados ( From Portal)
Be sure to leave a sweet comment for them. This is their blog and the couple will have more photos to share soon with you.
Thanks to my vendor team! 
Venue, Catering, Decor – Tre Bella, Jenelle | Florist – Phoenix Flower Shops | Rings- Kay Jewelers | Tux: Mens Warehouse | Cake: AJ’s Fine Foods | Officiant – Joey Templeton | Salon- Kim Dale | Grooming – Ace’s Barbershop